March 3rd, 2016

Study: Digital junk food ads just as likely to trigger overeating in kids as TV ads Read more at htt

By Mike O'Brien
Campaign Live

The case for improving public health by making it harder to eat fattening foods.

Just like guns arenít responsible for killing people, advertising doesnít make anyone fat. But there is a link between the two, based on years of research that reveals exposure to food marketing contributes to overeating.

Now, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a meta study conducted by psychologists at the University of Liverpool, who analyzed 22 published studies looking at the correlation between food marketing and food intake. The findings suggest that digital ads for junk food are as likely to make children overeat as ads seen on television.

The study comes at a sensitive time for food advertisers. A mounting body of new research is once again drawing a link between obesity and ads from fast-food companies ó even those that purport to show “healthier” foods. As a result, health advocates in the US and UK are calling for further regulation of how marketers advertise to kids. 

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