March 11th, 2016

Coca-Cola has spent $1.7 million funding Australian health groups over five years

By Marcus Strom
The Sydney Morning Herald

Coca-Cola has released a list of health groups and research institutions in Australia to which it makes donations. Over five years Coke, or its foundation, has spent $1.72 million funding research relating to “nutrition and health or to physical activity” and “well-being programs”.

Organisations receiving money from Coke include the University of Sydney, Nutrition Society of Australia, Ted Noffs Foundation, Bicycle Network, Sports Medicine Australia, University of Queensland, David Wirrpanda Foundation, police citizen youth clubs, Australian Paralympic Committee and the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association.

Coca-Cola has been under pressure regarding its funding to health organisations following revelations by The New York Times it had funded the Global Energy Balance Network, which emphasised fighting obesity through exercise rather than calorie control. The drinks company was accused of “astroturfing” opinion - funding organisations to create the impression of community support for Coke’s health messaging.

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