February 29th, 2016

McDonald’s Black History Month Marketing Scheme

By Juliet Sims, Kinnari Shah

Is a Flimsy Distraction from Their Unhealthy Food and Low Wages

It’s Black History Month and McDonald’s spied a marketing opportunity. Using a campaign called Nuggets of Knowledge, McDonald’s is quizzing consumers on the accomplishments of Black people, extending the dubious grand prize of a year’s supply of Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald’s has a long history of playing up its role with the Black community and claiming to be a socially responsible neighbor. Yet this fast-food giant exemplifies the ways the whole industry targets children and people of color, perpetuates an unsustainable food system, and exploits its low-income workforce.

After all, what kind of good neighbor stalks children with ads for unhealthy foods everywhere they go, following them into their classrooms, crowding their neighborhoods with advertisements, and viral marketing to them through online games? McDonald’s deploys celebrities and athletes of color and borrows liberally from hip-hop culture to market to Black children. It uses websites such as 365black.com, MeEncanta.com, and MyInspirasian.com to target specific racial groups.

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