January 12th, 2016

In perspective: No child’s play

By Navin Khemka
The Financial Express

MOST advertisements on kids’ channels comprise traditional kid’s brands. But there are changes happening in this landscape with non-traditional brands approaching them to tap the potential that kids offer as an audience. Wooing kids has become a serious business and is no longer limited to toys and trinkets, as was the case earlier.  In fact if industry figures are to be believed, kids’ channels seem to be getting 55-60% of their ad revenues from unconventional advertising. This shows that children now play an important role as influencers in a family’s decision making.

Clearly advertisers are tapping this market through both conventional and non-conventional ads, for two reasons. One, there are those who are using the platform to drive pester power and two, there are others who are using the platform for dual viewership, that is, to reach out to mothers via mainline channels. India to this day, remains by and large a single TV household where the entire family sits down together to view a single show. So, a substantial percentage of women watch shows on kids’ channels along with their children. Therefore, advertising several children or infant care products and also FMCG products which have nothing to do with kids per se are aired on these channels.

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