December 9th, 2015

McDonald’s Advertising Awarded ‘Shame’ Awards By Australian Anti-Obesity Parent Organization

By Victoria Guerra
Food World News

Barely recovering from a number of terrible numbers in the past few quarters, McDonald’s still remains the biggest fast food chain globally, and as such it’s often the main subject of anti-obesity wars all over the world - now, due to McDonald’s advertising campaigns, an anti-obesity organization has handed them their “shame” award.

McDonald’s advertising was nominated for a total of three awards this year, winning Pester Power Award for their television campaign of the Minions’ Happy Meal as well as the Digital Ninja Award for digital marketing for their Happy Readers campaign, which, as Ad News reports, gave children free books and digital readers when purchasing a Happy Meal, so to collect all 10 books and 16 readers the children would have to eat 23 happy meals in eight weeks.

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