November 6th, 2015

Is junk food and gambling advertising on sports jumpers hurting kids?

By Marc Moncrief
The Sydney Morning Herald

Children are being bombarded with advertising for gambling, junk food and alcohol via their favourite sports teams, and new research suggests the ads are working on up to three quarters of them. The research suggests sponsorships are allowing companies to flout advertising rules by embedding their brands in places we can’t escape without losing the physical and social benefits of sport. “It’s not just in the commercial break, it is embedded in the game,” said Deakin University researcher Samantha Thomas. “You can’t just turn the TV off in the ad break.”

“When kids see the logo on a jersey, they think that product’s doing something good for the team, whereas we know that the point of the logo is to get people to consume more of the product,” she said. Of the seven teams included, two had junk food advertising on their shirts, two were sponsored by alcohol brands and one was sponsored by a casino. The remaining two were sponsored by a bank and an insurance company.

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