November 24th, 2015

Formula is food; breast milk is much more

By Dr. Dana Silver
The Baltimore Sun

I advocate for women and families to make informed choices. If they make an educated decision not to breastfeed, or they are having problems and cannot breastfeed, I support that too. I teach that to my colleagues in lectures across the state and to my pediatric residents at Sinai Hospital. As a pediatrician I want to maximize the health potential of my patients. Among other things, I also recommend vaccines, car seats, eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising to my patients.

Formula is still in the hospitals for those who need it. Formula is not an evil enemy. It is necessary for those mothers who are struggling and/or who choose not to breastfeed. But formula is just food. Breast milk is so much more. It helps the gut mature, decreases risks of infections, decreases risks of many chronic diseases in mothers and babies, and much more. Why wouldn’t we want to promote that?

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