October 26th, 2015

Product images in parenting magazines may violate AAP recommendations

By Bob Scott

WASHINGTON D.C. — Nearly 16% of advertisements for children’s products in parenting magazines depicted images that contradicted health and safety recommendations from the AAP, according to data presented at the 2015 AAP National Conference and Exhibition. “We were surprised to find that nearly one in six advertisements (15.7%) contained images or products inconsistent with AAP recommendations and that over half of these contradictions (58.6%) contained images that are potentially life-threatening, such as an infant sleeping on their stomach or using an infant walker,”

The researchers identified 12 categories of AAP contradictions, ranging from potentially life-threatening misinformation to seemingly benign infractions, including non-FDA approved medical treatments, age-defined choking hazards, vitamins/supplements, cold medicine, infant formula, nutrition, oral care, screen time, sleep safety, fall risk, unsafe toys and water safety. Pitt recommended that the magazine editors consider basic screening of the advertising content to safeguard against conflicts with AAP recommendations before publication

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