June 10th, 2014

Nicki Minaj drops new video for 'Pills N Potions' (sponsored by Beats)

By Randall Roberts
LA Times

Product placement and music videos go hand in hand. What, after all, is a clip but ad placement for an artist’s song? Still, the glaring one in Nicki Minaj’s new “Pills N Potions” clips blurs the line in impressive fashion. With a few well-placed shots of a Beats-brand portable speaker amid the luxuriously filmed images of Minaj and her onscreen love interest, rapper the Game, the spot mixes marketing, message and meaning like a particularly vivid Saturday night drug cocktail.

Taken from her forthcoming album “The Pink Print,” “Pills and Potions” is a slow burn ballad featuring Minaj posing and looking beautiful as she sings and raps about anger, pills, love and frustration. It’s a smooth, pretty song that features Minaj further bridging the gap between her impressive skills as a rapper and evolving work as a singer.

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