May 2nd, 2014

Why Advertisers Should Care About the White House Report on Big Data and Privacy

By Katy Bachman
Ad Week

The government has put out yet another report on big data and privacy, buzzwords that have scared consumers and dominated press headlines. So is this latest report something advertisers should care about? Adweek asked GroupM Interaction COO John Montgomery, who met with the White House policymakers that wrote the report. Below, he parses out what impact the administration’s latest policy pronouncement will have for data-driven advertising.

Why should advertisers pay attention to the White House’s report? We should care a lot about it. It was a good and clearly written report. If anyone of my clients wants a 101 on big data, I’m going to send them this report. This report is very relevant because a lot of what drives this business is programmatic media buying. There are millions of places to advertise on the Web, so an algorithm will decide what your likely audience will be.

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