May 21st, 2014

We Support Formula-Feeding Moms AND We Fight Formula Marketing

By Danielle and Bettina
Best for Babes

Yes, it IS possible to support formula-feeding moms AND fight formula marketing.  Itís important to distinguish the existence or use of formula from the way itís marketed. We support formula feeding moms because not all moms are physically able to breastfeed or make enough milk.  Although the vast majority of moms are able to breastfeed successfully when given the right support, some moms may have no or low milk supply due to mastectomies, insufficient glandular tissue (IGT), breast reductions, polycystic ovarian syndrome or other reasons.  A very few babies have a rare, inherited disease called galactosemia and cannot tolerate milk at allĖthese babies need a special formula to survive.

We support formula feeding moms because some moms take medication that is contraindicated with breastfeeding (though many, many medications are safe), or are HIV-positive (though in underdeveloped countries, the risk of not breastfeeding is higher than the risk of breastfeeding with HIV), or have been sexually abused (though counseling has helped some of these mothers successfully breastfeed and include breastfeeding in their healing journey).

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