May 21st, 2014

The WHO Code, marketing, sponsorship, and why you should give a damn

The Boob Geek

It’s the WHO Code’s 33rd birthday, and we’re “celebrating” with a day of action to encourage healthcare facilities to be free of formula marketing. Here are some things may not know about the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes:

1. Even though the United States helped spur the World Health Organization to action, giving birth to the Code, it’s still one of the only countries that has taken no action to adopt the Code. (President Clinton signed the World Health Assembly resolution 47.5 in 1994, reaffirming the Code, but no action has been taken to implement it in the United States.)
2. The Code has nothing to do with restricting the availability of formula and other covered products to consumers, and everything to do with restricting how these things are marketed.
3. You do not need to live or operate in a country that has adopted the Code in order to be a person, professional, organization or company that upholds it.

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