May 28th, 2014

No more baby formula samples in goodie bags

South Florida Times

MIAMI — Jackson Memorial Hospital wants you to breast-feed your baby. Gone are commercially-sponsored formula samples in discharge bags from the maternity unit. Instead, expect to find Jackson’s own breastfeeding discharge bags.  Jackson is on the pathway to Baby-Friendly designation, a highly coveted breastfeeding support standard of care, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Dr. M. Grisel Galarza, a University of Miami neonatologist who is medical director of the newborn intermediate care unit at Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, is a staunch advocate for breastfeeding and a champion of Jackson’s Baby-Friendly designation. “Breastfeeding is best for babies,” Dr. Galarza said. “Baby-Friendly is best for the mothers in our community.” Jackson is encouraging breastfeeding and eliminating the use of commercial formula bags. This is in line with recommendations by The American Academy of Pediatrics that women should breastfeed exclusively for six months because of the numerous health and economic benefits for both babies and mothers.

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