May 18th, 2014

Five Weird Video Game Sponsorship Deals

By Kyle Hilliard
Game Informer

The upcoming option to buy and download the Dogecoin sponsored car in NASCAR í14 showcases some strange crossover of sponsorship and video games, but compared to what weíve seen in the past, itís pretty tame. These are some of the strangest instances of product placement and strange sponsorship that have appeared in video games.

In 2008, during Barack Obamaís first bid at the presidency, he looked to the world of video games to spread his message. As the delivery method for this method, he chose a game all about crashing cars at high speeds. It was isolated to certain regions, but depending on where you were playing the game, there was a time in 2008 where you would be greeted by billboards of Barack Obama while exploring Paradise City.

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