April 18th, 2014

Facebook to Sell Huge Audience of World Cup Fans to Advertisers

By Cotton Delo
Ad Age

Test Could Be Extended to Other TV Events Like the Super Bowl

Facebook is courting advertisers with a more precise way of targeting ads to the massive segment of users who will watch the World Cup this summer. According to a sales deck obtained by Ad Age, the social network is offering a segment comprised of users who have expressed interest in the World Cup to its biggest advertisers.

It’s the first time Facebook has built an audience segment specifically for a TV event, but if the World Cup test performs well, the concept could be extended to the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the Oscars, according to a person familiar with Facebook’s plans. Marketers can currently target by interests like “soccer” or even “FIFA World Cup” (a segment that contains almost 45 million people, according to Facebook’s ad tool.) The difference with the new test segment is that it will be updated daily to include people who aren’t necessarily huge soccer fans but have been caught up in the excitement of the World Cup and started to post status updates or links to stories about the tournament.

Read more: http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-sell-audience-world-cup-fans-advertisers/292701/


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