April 16th, 2014

Child’s play? E-cigarettes marketed to youngsters, report finds

By Jacqueline Klimas
Washington Times

Lawmakers push for regulation

Lawmakers are pushing for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate electronic cigarettes after releasing a report Monday that accused companies of using candy-flavored products and social media advertising to try to hook young users. The report, which looked at seven e-cigarette companies, found that the companies sponsored or provided free samples at more than 300 events over 2012 and 2013, many of which attracted young people, such as rock concerts.

Companies showed television and radio advertisements during events that have a large viewership of minors, like the Super Bowl. Several companies are also marketing flavored e-cigarettes, like cherry crush and chocolate treat, which the report found could appeal to children. “E-cigarettes are a candy-flavored addiction which is dangerous to our young people across America,” Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said Monday. “The report we’re releasing today makes it clear e-cigarettes have made a concerted effort to market to children.”

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