March 18th, 2014

Pharmaceutical Facebook Marketing Earns Company FDA Warning

By Eric Hal Schwartz
In the Capital

Seems like every company in the world does Facebook marketing these days, but even in the wild world of social media, advertising rules for medicine still apply. That’s a lesson Akrimax Pharmaceuticals had to learn recently when the FDA issued a warning to them for improperly advertising its drug Tirosint by not mentioning any of the side effects and possible dangers associated with the drug.

The warning came in the form of an Untitled Letter, a kind of warning letter without any legal threat attached. Basically it points out a problem and tells the company to knock it off. If they do, there’s no more follow up. Tirosint, a drug used to treat hypothyroidism has some warnings attached to it like any other medication, and that has to be communicated to people looking at the Facebook page. “The Facebook webpage is false or misleading because it makes representations about the efficacy of Tirosint, but fails to communicate any risk information associated with its use and it omits material facts,” the FDA wrote in their warning letter. “Tirosint is associated with a number of serious risks.”

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