March 26th, 2014

NYT Now Is The Grey Lady’s First Step Into Native Ads On Mobile, Dedicated Mobile Editors

By Ingrid Lunden
Tech Crunch

“All the News That’s Fit to Print” was a viable business model for many years at the New York Times, but these days, as newspaper costs rise and readers look elsewhere for their information, the Grey Lady is focused on stepping up its digital game.  Today that strategy took a big step forward, with the launch of NYT Now. The new, paid mobile app for iPhone and iPod, debuting April 2, will cost $8 per month, and will focus on aggregation and curation, with editors selecting stories from the NYT and the wider Internet for a “fast and engaging news experience.”

It also marks the NYT’s biggest move away yet from regular display advertising, with all ads on NYT Now in the form of “Paid Posts,” NYT’s term for native advertising — or advertorial, as it used to be called.
Alongside NYT Now and the Paid Posts, the NYT also announced a top-end product called Times Premier, with extra “behind the scenes” benefits and all-content access. Costing $45 per month, it’s aimed at power users and (most likely) the business market where the cost might get expensed.

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