March 5th, 2014

Child Obesity Rates Are Down, But Who Should Get the Credit?

By Maureen Morrison, E.J. Schultz
Ad Age

Government, Food Industry Self Regulation and Media All Play Role in Decline

Government proposals to revamp food-nutrition labels and regulate junk-food marketing in schools were accompanied last week by a rare glimpse of good news about the nation’s weight woes: A new report showed a 43% drop in the obesity rate for 2-to-5-year-old children in the past decade.

The two new regulatory proposals won’t take effect for a while. But they join other measures enacted in recent years by the government and the food industry through self-regulation to reduce the exposure of junk foods and the marketing of it to kids.
How much credit can the regulations take for the apparent improvement in obesity rates? The answer gets a little blurry.

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