February 4th, 2014

Chipotle's Next Tasty Marketing Gambit: A Scripted Satire Online

By Tim Nudd
Ad Week

Tim Piper heads up 'Farmed and Dangerous'

IDEA: Chipotle has won scores of ad awards and legions of fans with its gorgeous animations and haunting soundtracks. Now, the burrito chain is getting even more ambitious with a longer format and a whole new tone—launching a satirical scripted comedy show on Hulu humorously attacking the evil ogre of industrial farming.

Chipotle knew it wanted to develop comical branded entertainment as long ago as late 2011, when it rolled out the famous “Back to the Start” video. Impressed by webisodes he had done for Post Shredded Wheat, the brand turned to director Tim Piper, best known in the ad world for having done Dove’s Grand Prix-winning “Evolution” ad. Piper, who had started a production company, Piro, to help brands get better at entertainment, was game. More than two years later, the result is a four-episode first season of Farmed and Dangerous, premiering Feb. 17.



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