February 18th, 2014

RSCC: RWB Vodka Ready for Motion Picture Debut

Wall Street Journal

RWB Ultra Premium Handcrafted Vodka, the premiere distilled spirit of the Aristocrat Group Corp. (OTCBB: ASCC), will receive major product placement in a new film from Outpost Media Inc. that will prominently display the award-winning vodka during crucial scenes of the movie to an international audience. Dead of Winter is a thriller in which teams compete in a Geocache treasure hunt in the wilderness of Colorado that suddenly becomes a deadly game of survival.

Directed by Robert Rice and written by Michael Hamilton-Wright, Dead of Winter is scheduled for theatrical release this year. It is the first film of a multi-picture advertising and product placement deal ASCC signed with Outpost Media Inc. The gluten-free, multi-award-winning RWB Vodka enjoys prominent product placement in the film with clear brand visibility during the course of the movie.

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