January 29th, 2014

Why Snoopy Could Win The Big Game


As marketers are pushing hard to cut through the clutter and be seen on this year’s Super Bowl telecast, the big winner could be MetLife, which has its name on the stadium for Sunday’s big game. Until about 15 years ago, stadiums were typically named after the teams that occupied them, like the Yankees, or individuals such as RFK. Looking back a century ago there are only a few examples of venue associated with brand names, like Fenway Park, named after the owner’s real estate company, and Wrigley Field.

While naming-rights opportunities have come and gone, MetLife had not felt the urge to slap its name on a stadium until recently. After all, the company already enjoyed a unique perspective on sporting events, thanks to its fleet of Snoopy blimps. But the new N.J. stadium, combined with the power of the NFL was different.

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