January 25th, 2014

The Best Electronics Can Be Seen on Your Favorite TV Shows

By Marlena Turner
Atlanta Technology Examiner

The Super Bowl is a special time for marketers. It’s the only time when their commercials have the undivided attention of millions of potential consumers, while the other 364 days of the year is spent fast-forwarding with the help of DVR, tivo, on-demand, and other televised user controlled features. So how do marketers reach consumers these days?

You may not have noticed first hand, but they’re enticing you with the help of your favorite TV shows. The coined term by marketers is “product placement” and it’s being used more than ever before. It’s been said that as Internet TV — and DVRs — let more viewers edit out commercials, they may well also be driving more commercial content inside the frame where viewers can’t avoid it. So when does use of a certain product become simply overused and abused product placement?

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