January 29th, 2014

Souderton School District Considers Ads in Schools

Advertisement Journal

In Pennsylvania, the North Penn School District is considering advertising for its schools. The finance committee of the school has invited the owner of a company from Lancaster that serves as the middleman between districts and advertisers to attend a meeting to pitch services and explain the benefits for the district. Market Street Sports was founded by Jeff Bertoni, who recommends rates beginning at $5,000 and that contracts last for three years.  The company would take care of contract negotiations and billing and graphic design for 30 percent of the revenue, according to The Reporter.

Some of the ad ops for the school could involve sponsoring the morning announcements, signs placed inside and outside of the building and signs on sports fields and school vehicles.
“Some school districts don’t want to advertise in classrooms, but all the power rests with the school board to make those decisions,” Bertoni said.

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