January 14th, 2014

Parents, experts decry junk food marketing in schools

By Loren Grush

One day, when Casey Hinds’ eldest daughter was in kindergarten, she came home in tears.  At school, the faculty was encouraging students to turn in box tops from processed food products as part of their latest fundraiser/marketing program.  Hinds’ daughter was upset because she didn’t have any box tops to turn in.

“I explained we don’t have that kind of food, because we have a history of diabetes, and we’re trying to promote healthy habits,” Hinds, a health volunteer and stay-at-home mother of two, told FoxNews.com.  
Since then, Hinds has fought to keep advertisements and commercialization out of her two daughters’ schools as much as possible – a process she said has been difficult. “[Chick-fil-A] even brought their mascot to my daughter’s school and put a sticker on her backpack,” Hinds, 43, said. “I can turn the TV off at home, but I lose that option when I send them to school.” Hinds believes this kind of commercialization creates a confusing message for her daughters, especially since she works hard to instill healthy eating habits in them.  And according to a new study, Hinds’ daughters aren’t the only ones receiving mixed signals.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/01/14/parents-experts-decry-junk-food-marketing-in-schools/


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