January 22nd, 2014

How Marketers Can Bring Their A-Game to the Super Bowl

By Michael McCarthy
Ad Age

It Can Make or Break Careers

If you want to crush it in the Super Bowl in 2015, it might be good to start planning this month. Now that smart marketers are seeking to expand their 30-second and 60-second ad buys beyond TV, planning around the big game has become more complex, according to Adam Komack, chief client officer at Mediacom.

Marketers start focusing on creative eight months in advance, and they won’t pull the trigger unless they’re convinced they have a winner, he said.
Mr. Komack advises his clients not to advertise on the Big Game unless they’re prepared to spend $6 million to $10 million overall, to bookend their in-game spot with weeks of promotion/digital marketing.

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