January 8th, 2014

History repeats on e-cigarettes

By Ruth A. Etzel
Journal Sentinel

One of my favorite games as a child was cigarette tag. Whoever was “it” would try to tag you before you could squat down and shout out the name of a brand of cigarettes that hadn’t yet been called. My 6-year-old friends and I knew all the brand names; we could sing each of the catchy cigarette jingles — “Winston tastes good like a (clap, clap) cigarette should” — that we heard many times each day while listening to the radio or watching TV.

Winston was the sponsor of “The Flintstones,” the first prime-time animated series on American television, which aired from 1960 to 1966. Caveman Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney Rubble smoked Winstons each week (so did Wilma). In the mid-1960s, more than 50% of men and nearly one-third of women in the United States were smokers. Children could buy packs of candy cigarettes from the local grocery store. There was little awareness of the toll that cigarettes would have on health.

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