December 15th, 2013

The Number of Online Video Ads Is Up 205% in the Last Year

By Mike Shields
Ad Week

Manufactured viewing and false impression

According to comScore, the audience for online video has grown 4 percent over the past year. The number of video ads? Up 205 percent.  Sure, people are watching a lot of online video. But the ad-serving firm Vindico sees something more nefarious in those numbers. “The number of ad impressions have exploded, but it’s totally manufactured viewing,” said Vindico president Matt Timothy. In fact, Vindico, which says it tracks 40 percent of all video ads served on the Web, found that 57 percent of 2.7 billion ads it tracked over a recent two-month period were not viewable.

Perhaps even more eye-popping was the list of sites delivering the most video ads over that time. No YouTube, Hulu or Yahoo here. Instead, No. 1 is, a U.K.-based public company that has been accused of inflating its views in the past. Vindico recorded 217 billion views on Blinkx, about 23 percent of which were viewable.

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