December 4th, 2013

Military accused of poisoning kids' minds with Santa Tracker video

By Rene Lynch

Giving Santa Claus and his reindeer a military fighter jet escort on Christmas Eve amounts to manipulative military marketing aimed at defenseless young minds, a Berkeley child psychologist says. 
In case you have been working today instead of paying attention to the controversy du jour, here’s your catch-up: NORAD, the joint U.S.-Canada military force that protects our skies as well as runs the beloved Santa Tracker each holiday season, is under fire. The reasons? A video that shows Santa and his reindeer accompanied by a military fighter jet escort. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has criticized the video, and, in turn, the campaign has been criticized for its criticism.

“We’ve gotten some angry e-mails ... questioning my manhood,” Josh Golin, the campaign’s associate director, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. So Golin, and the campaign’s co-founder, Berkeley child and family psychologist Allan Kenner, would like the opportunity to give a full airing to their side of the controversy:

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