December 16th, 2013

Controversial Plan To Allow Advertising On Philadelphia Schools Put On Hold

By Mike Dunn
CBS Local (Philadelphia)

City Council closed its 2013 legislative session with one key matter unresolved: whether to allow advertising on public school properties — to benefit the cash-starved district. The proposal to allow ads on schoolproperties had sailed out of committee earlier this month, and it was up for final passage this past week, on Council’s final meeting of 2013. But the sponsor, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, decided to delay that final vote because of feedback she’d received since the committee hearing.

“First of all, we read our emails, and we pay attention to folk on Facebook,” Reynolds Brown said. “And a number of legitimate considerations have come to my attention.”
Reynolds Brown did not elaborate on those concerns, but she did say time is needed to make sure the bill conforms with a related measure from Councilman Bobby Henon that would set new regulations for all billboards in the city.

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