September 16th, 2013

Product placement in film more beneficial than brand sponsorship

By Jen King
Luxury Daily

Luxury brands are likely to benefit from increased exposure created by product placement in feature films than from brand sponsored events that reach a narrow number of consumers. Branded sponsorships are common among luxury brands looking to attract consumers through a shared hobby or cause. Product placement in feature films, on the other hand, allows the brand to be viewed on a platform likely to resonate with more prospective consumers.

“The film should be brand appropriate, said Marie Driscoll, CEO and chief consultant at Driscoll Advisors, New York. “So much of fashion design is theatrical, clothing and shoes most people wouldn’t wear even if they could afford them, she said. “But the brand awareness and brand romance that the cinema provides is an enabler of brand extensions into more categories and price points that the general public can participate in, such as small leather goods, fragrance and eye/sunglasses.”

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