September 17th, 2013

Go Ahead and Blink; You Won't Miss the Message in Virgin Mobile Ad

By Ann-Christine Diaz
Ad Age

It’s not easy for consumers to sit through a dry list of product offerings, but yesterday, Virgin Mobile and Mother, New York, took a stab at making the experience fun with an absurd online video that changes right before your eyes. In fact, your eyes are the trigger: Every time you blink, the film moves on to a different bizarre scene. The result? A completely new experience every time you watch it.

“Blinkwashing” is the final installment of the brand’s “Retrain Your Brain” campaign, which asks consumers to question their complacency with their expensive mobile plans and reconsider Virgin Mobile’s money-saving, no-contract offerings. The idea of “Blinkwashing” attempts to illustrate the brand’s message that consumers can “take control” of their phone experience. The experience, which requires users to opt-in to participate with their computer’s webcam, launches this week and will run exclusively on Youtube. “Virgin Mobile had its talking points it wanted to get out into the world,” said Mother, New York, Creative Director Jed Grossman. “The question was, how do we do that in a way that was interesting and captivating?”

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