September 5th, 2013

Better Data Can Help Advertisers Avoid Cringe-Inducing Ad Placement

By Eddie Yoon
Harvard Business Review

You’re watching TV with the family and having a nice moment. Then all of a sudden a commercial comes on for an erectile dysfunction drug, or a preview for a horror flick. You interrupt your blissful reverie with a reflex reaction, knocking over the chip bowl in a mad dash to change the channel. And now you have to explain both the commercial and your crazed reaction to your children. Fun times with the family indeed.
Parents too often find themselves caught off guard during commercial breaks by advertising that is inappropriate for children. This is obviously bad for the parent, but it’s bad for advertisers too, because they have failed to reach their consumer.

For marketers, there is an easy solution by thoughtfully matching product advertising with the compatible programming.

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