September 25th, 2013

Anathema No More, 'Breaking Bad' Is Redefining Rules For Product Placement


I can only imagine how the branding folks at Winnebago Industries WGO -0.53% must have cringed every time its product appeared on episodes of Breaking Bad during the first few seasons. After all, it was used as a mobile meth lab (even becoming emblematic of the show in print ads and a DVD cover). The company didnít pay for the placement, and I donít believe it ever publicly acknowledged it.

Now, it appears that it was some incredibly valuable exposure for the brand, and others are buying into a show that seems to violate every conceivable rule for product placement. Thatís becauseBreaking Bad is redefining those rules, and hereís how:The conventional wisdom that guides product placement on TV and in films is that brands should appear in contexts and used by characters that best illustrate their brandís attributes and promises.

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