August 21st, 2013

Microsoft fights Google for kids' attention with ad-free Bing for Schools

By Iain Thomson
The Register (UK)

Microsoft is making a big play for the hearts and clicks of America’s youth with the launch of Bing for Schools, which includes an advertising and porn-free search engine, free sponsored lesson plans, and Surface RT fondleslabs earned through a rewards program. “We already know that search is an important tool for kids in school – a recent Pew poll found that 94% of teachers believe their students are very likely to use a search engine during a typical assignment,” said Matt Wallaert, Bing behavioral scientist, in a blog post.

“We believe that schools should have the choice to make sure those searches are safer, more private, and ad-free.” Under the Bing program, schools’ IT admins are guaranteed no advertising for children in search results, the automatic blocking of pornography, and “enhanced privacy protections.”

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