August 23rd, 2013

Beware Advertisers Claiming To Represent School Districts

By Adam Racusin
Keye TV

It’s a fight for advertising dollars. Where a portion of the money spent will either go back to help benefit schools or benefit companies. Now, the Leander Independent School District is fighting back against anyone not authorized to use its image, campus logos or school brands and will not permit non-approved outside vendors to provide advertising or raise funds on the district’s behalf.

“When I found out that so many businesses are doing this and none of the money is going to the kids, it was very disheartening,” said Pam Buske. Buske says she paid $658 to a company whose address is listed in San Antonio. “They contacted me to do a dry erase board,” said Buske. “I would be the only realtor that was featured on there, and it was supposed to be passed out to each student at Cedar Park High School and each new child coming in.” Pam considered it a win. She got a prime advertisement and a portion of the money going back to the kids. Wrong.

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