August 28th, 2013

Back to School in an Ad-Centric World

By Julie Dubrow
Huffington Post

Here in New England acorns are starting to fall, the nights are a little cooler, the trees are beginning to show their first tinges of color. But the back to school ads have been on the air for months prior to the first yellow school busses making their initial runs. Some ads, in fact, began running even before the 2012-13 school year had ended. My own children groaned when they first started seeing ads from Target and Office Depot. “Really? Seriously? It’s only July!” But in fact, this retail calendar-shifting happens all the time. There’s Halloween candy in supermarkets in August, holiday season ads go on the air well before Thanksgiving and you start seeing promos for candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day before you’ve even turned the calendar to the year in which the valentine will be sent.


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