November 12th, 2012

In James Bond movies, product placement also plays a role

By Adam Tschorn
Los Angeles Times

Brand-name shoutouts and high-profile product placement are as much a part of 007 movies as Bond’s tuxedo or Q’s gadgetry, and with “Skyfall” hitting theaters at the same time the film franchise marks its 50th anniversary, it’s never been easier for fans to live and let buy into the brand ó James Brand.

Heineken: Despite shaking and stirring the ire of 007 enthusiasts, “Skyfall” is far from the first time the martini-loving Bond and beer share the big screen ó for that you’d have to go back to 1962’s “Dr. No,” in which Sean Connery appears with a bottle of Jamaica’s Red Stripe. And, yes, Bond not only quaffs a bottle of the Dutch brew in the new movie, a tuxedo-wearing Daniel Craig also appears in a Heineken TV commercial, reportedly part of a $45-million deal between the studio and the brewer. (Our only question? Why no “licensed to chill” tag line?)

James Bond 007 Signature Fragrance: The film franchise’s first licensed men’s fragrance rolled out to retail last month (the first women’s scent, Bond Girl 007, was released in 2008 to coincide with “Quantum of Solace"). Touted as “dangerously sophisticated,” the scent profile of James Bond 007 is described as having a “backbone of rich, reassuringly elegant lavender with undertones of moss and coumarin ... , “ with traces of vetiver, crisp apple and sandalwood. After one whiff, we decided that if James Bond were real, this is exactly what his pocket square drawer would smell like. And no, Q Branch has not rigged the bottle to double as a flamethrower. (James Bond 007 eau de toilette, 30ml and 50ml for $30 and $40 respectively at Kohl’s stores and online at

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