November 15th, 2012

Channel One may not be in best interests of students

By Op-Ed
The Mercury

As schools around our nation face mounting financial difficulties due to ever-rising costs, it is important that school boards, parents, and the taxpaying public remember the chief mission of our schools: education.

Due to limited resources, it is often tempting for public officials and school administrators to “cut corners” when it comes to providing quality education to students. Even worse, these slights are often spun as a “net-positive” for education.

This is precisely the case of Channel One News. Since its inception in the early 1990s, students across the country have begun their school days with the 13-minute daily news broadcast. Channel One bills itself as a news service designed to “inform, educate and inspire by making news relevant and engaging for young people.” “In today’s world of hyper-communication,” one might ask, “shouldn’t schools be commended for educating children of important and newsworthy events?” Yes —­ but as any journalist would tell you, Channel One is not about the news.

Included in every 13-minute daily Channel One News broadcast are countless minutes of commercials, “plugs,” product placements, and other commercial content camouflaged under the moniker of “news.” In order to turn a profit, Channel One charges customers — corporations, not students - hefty sums of money to market their products to its captive audience of millions of school children.

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