November 13th, 2012

BOE officially enters advertising agreement

By Haisten Willis
Douglas County Sentinel

One year after announcing plans to explore advertising with national companies, the Douglas County Board of Education (BOE) unanimously voted to contract with Education Funding Partners (EFP), a company founded to do just that.

The need for alternate funding has been created by a $775 million decrease in the tax digest the last several years and by austerity reductions of more than $67.8 million since 2003, according to a report issued when the concept was first announced. EFP, which was founded in 2010, will act as a liaison between the school system and Fortune 500 companies that may be interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities at local schools under the contract.

Lynne Cole is a local resident and one of the founding partners of EFP. She was on-hand for the meeting.

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