October 1st, 2012

Why Ads Are Imitating the Photos in Your Smartphone

By Katherine Rosman
Wall Street Journal

Roxanne Rohmann hates ads and avoids them on TV and online. But recently, she “liked” a promotional photograph from designer Michael Kors that she found on Facebook, of a woman on a boat in a cable-knit sweater.

“I don’t feel so much like they’re trying to sell something,” the 20-year-old Austin, Texas, student says of the photo, which looked like it was shot with a smartphone. “It’s easier to appreciate.”

As people spend less time looking at glossy magazine ads and TV commercials, lifestyle advertising is adopting the look and feel of the images consumers find most compelling—the ones they shoot themselves using smartphone cameras and then share on websites like Facebook, FB +3.19% Instagram and Pinterest.

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