October 22nd, 2012

So Much for Transparency; Candidates Leave Industry in Dark

By Ana Radelat
Advertising Age

Whether President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney reside in the White House next year will determine the fates of key issues for advertisers, and the industry is keenly watching for clues as to how.

But it’s not exactly easy to form conclusions. Some issues cross party lines. Mr. Romney, perceived as pro-business, doesn’t have a federal record of any kind to go on and declined to comment for this story. And while the Obama administration has a paper trail regarding marketing to kids and online privacy, it refused to answer questions about what it might do in a second term.

Adam Fetcher, spokesman for the Obama campaign, said, “they are simply not questions we can address,” adding via email, “I don’t really see the relevance to the campaign, and so I am declining a response.”

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