October 12th, 2012

McDonald's to Health Critics: We Need to Be Part of the Conversation

By E. J. Schultz
Advertising Age

There is no doubt that Big Food—the marketers that sell soda, packaged meals and fast food—has emerged as enemy No. 1 for public-health groups, which in the past couple years have applied constant pressure, blaming the companies for the nation’s rising obesity epidemic. Even former adman Alex Bogusky has gotten into the act, with his new video that mocks soda campaigns.

On Thursday, a top marketer for McDonald’s—which has a constant target on its back—sought to defuse the criticism by suggesting the fast feeder’s advertising and products were a force for good, not evil, especially with the coveted kids’ audience.

Critics ask, “Why are you communicating with kids at all?” Neil Golden, senior VP-chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA, told a meeting of the Association of National Advertisers in Orlando, Fla. “We want to be known for doing what is right for kids, for families, for all of our customers. We are committed to being a part of the dialogue. In fact, I can’t imagine McDonald’s not being invited to this critically important conversation about children’s well-being.”

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