October 24th, 2012

Marketers Rate Below Politicians, Bankers on Respectability Scale

By Rupal Parekh
Advertising Age

Think politicians are slimy? Well, according to a new study, what they do for a living is considered more desirable and valuable than what marketing and ad execs do.

The study, conducted earlier this month, was commissioned by Adobe and fielded by research firm Edelman Berland. It included 1,000 participants in the U.S., China and Japan; three quarters of them were consumers 18 years and older and the remaining quarter was made up of a mix of marketing professionals. That latter point is what’s most troubling about what Adobe found: Not only do consumers not value the role of marketing and ad professionals, but many people in those jobs don’t value themselves.

Overwhelmingly, the survey respondents agreed that marketing is essential to business—and they agreed that it works. When asked to consider the value of marketing, more than 90% of consumers and marketing professionals responded that it’s a field that’s “strategic to business” and 90% said that marketing is “paramount” to driving sales.

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