October 26th, 2012

Lure of Branded Entertainment Gives Rise to a Bicoastal Effort

By Stuart Elliot
The New York Times

THE increasing interaction between the advertising and entertainment industries has been a trend long enough to inspire phrases evocative of intersections like “Madison and Vine.”

Now, in another example of the trend’s strength, a New York advertising agency is teaming up with eight writers and producers for television and movies in a joint venture that will offer marketers ways to reach consumers beyond traditional tactics like 30-second commercials.

The venture is named BB Hollywood, reflecting the West Coast provenance of the writers and directors along with the name of the agency, Brooklyn Brothers — which, despite its handle, is based in Manhattan. The résumés of the Hollywood contingent include work on films, series and pilots like “Cheers,” “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” “Les Misérables,” “The Office,” “Partners” and “The Way”; they also have development deals with, among others, CBS, Fox, Showtime and TBS.

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