September 27th, 2012

School Bus Advertisements in Jordan

Advertisement Journal

The school district in West Jordan is enjoying some good news about the revenue earned from advertisements on the school buses. Hundreds of students within the district get on school buses each and every day to get to and from school. These school buses, however, are now displaying different kinds of advertisements. One seventh grade student, Trevor Davies, was asked for his take on the school bus advertising. Davies said, “It’s all right, it doesn’t affect me.” The truth is that a large number of children probably are not paying too much attention to the advertisements but in the meantime, these advertisements are bringing in a whole lot of revenue for the Jordan School District, which is causing other school districts to take an interest in advertising on their school buses as well.

The school district has been featuring the advertisements on its school buses for about six months now and has already been able to earn a total of $35,000 in revenue. The school district will be able to spend $22,000 of the revenue earned while the rest of the money will go to the advertising company for the school district. Jordan has been the first school district in this state to allow advertisements to be featured on school buses after a passage was created in 2011, allowing such advertisements to be displayed on the school buses. There are several other states that are also allowing these advertisements on school buses.

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