September 21st, 2012

Region 9 split on allowing advertising on Barlow fields

By Kaitlin Bradshaw
Easton Courier

Region 9 board members are split over whether or not commercial advertising should be allowed at Joel Barlow High School’s athletic fields. The discussion occurred at a special board meeting Wednesday, Sept. 12.

In August, Redding resident and state Rep. John Shaban (R-135) approached the Redding Zoning Commission to amend Redding Zoning Regulations Section 5.9.6-Municipal Signs to allow the display of horizontal logos and donor signs for all municipal fields, including fields at Barlow. Mr. Shaban said in an email in August that by allowing surface signs and advertising, money could be raised in an effort to resurface the stadium field at Barlow.

An update made to the regulation in May allows such signs, but only for Redding Community Center Athletic Field number two.

The regulation says, “Badges or insignias can include permanent corporate logos placed horizontally within the artificial playing surface in recognition of charitable contributions to the completion of this field with independent funding.”

The proposal was set for a public hearing on Aug. 8, but Mr. Shaban withdrew the application after Cathy Gombos, Region 9 board chair, asked for the board to discuss the amendment. If the zoners pass such an amendment, Region 9’s policy on advertising at Barlow “will supersede zoning,” said Ms. Gombos.

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