September 21st, 2012

North Penn sets advertising policy

By Lindsay Redding

The North Penn school board Thursday night approved 7-2 a new advertising policy which laid down the rules for the district to begin to use advertising and sponsorship on school property as an alternative source of revenue.

“The Alternative Revenue Committee studied the concept of advertising for the last year,” said Superintendent Curt Dietrich. “They recommended raising revenue through advertising in schools.”

The Alternative Revenue Committee is a five-member group tasked to find innovative ways to bring in money and ease budget gaps. In January, the committee presented the school board with a list of possible sources of revenue, including e-commerce, an alumni association and user fees.

Of the ideas generated, the biggest estimated source of revenue was advertising and sponsorship. The report stated, “The North Penn Alternative Revenue Committee projects that a combination of facilities advertising and corporate sponsorships could generate a projected $500,000,” per year for the district.

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