September 24th, 2012

Bus advertising program gaining traction

By Amanda Goodman

School districts across the state are strapped for cash, but only one district is using its school buses to pick up some extra money by putting advertising on their buses.

A year after Rio Rancho Public School’s Transportation Department rolled out the program, KRQE News 13 wanted to know how things were going.

“We have ads on about 25 buses, roughly a third of our fleet,” said John Francis with RRPS Transportation.

From dentists to gyms and a pizza place, the types of advertisements are strictly regulated, which means you will not find any booze, tobacco or gambling ads.

Each spot costs about $200 a month.

“We have over 1,900 bus stops, we transport over 12,000 students per day, so the ads are getting a lot of street time, a lot of play out there in the community,” Francis said.

The district’s transportation department started the program as a way to earn some extra money for the classrooms.

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