August 16th, 2012

'You Can't Eat That!' No Match for Junk Food

By Yoni Freedhoff
US News

You’ve heard the argument before—if parents are unhappy with the quality of the food their kids are receiving, they can just say No.

No to ice-cream sandwiches following each and every soccer game or practice.

No to the never ending loot bags filled with treats.

No to sugar-sweetened, flavored milk served at school.

No to weekly pizza, ice-cream, or freezie days.

No to fundraising bake sales.

No to the vending machines perched at every corner.

No to the sugary cereals constantly being advertised on television.

No to the fast-food burger the Olympian is inferring made him who he is.

No to the treat that all of your friends are having and enjoying.

No. No. No!

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